mercoledì 15 agosto 2012

Poppy Delevigne, Mind the Style's new icon!

Glamour flash for Poppy Delevigne, the new fashion icon for Mind the Style and for me. Great style, from simple to perfect. Her wardrobe that's the one I would like to have at home!

She's the new british socialite, her name is famous also because she's an important and beautiful model and her style out the runways of glam events it's one of the most copied. She can wears jeans, t shirts and converse or elegant dresses but she's always perfect!Do you like her? Have you ever recognized her in some photos or advertisings on Vogue or Elle? 

Watch her also with her little sister, Clara: same style, same glam and the way to front the fashion world! 

Do you prefer Poppy or Clara? 


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