giovedì 1 dicembre 2011

Last purchases! Skulls and nail polish every day!

Ecco i miei ultimi acquisti, anche se acquisti non sono nel vero senso della parola! Sono dei piccoli regalini che la mia super fashion mother mi ha fatto per il primo giorno di lavoro! Che ne pensate?

Here my last purchases, even if we can't talk about truly purchases! They are little presents (not for Xmas) that my super fashion mum took me in these days for my first day of work at Olympic! What do you think about them? 

 I have a smart and cool mum, haven't I? She knows my preference and my taste, my infinite love for skulls, nail polish and earrings, and so here there are my new entries! 

A beautiful pair of gloves with sequins skulls, bought in Modo Milano in Turin;

The nail polish of Yves Saint Laurent in limited edition, the "noir lapis" LA LAQUE 127. It's simply beautiful, and together with the new one of Chanel, rouge Carat they are going to be the Xmas nail polishes! 

And last but not least 2 pair of earrings bought in the same shop of my skulled bracelet of Sunday afternoon, Runaway! They are blue and black for the round one and red for the second pair!I loved them since the first sight, they look like something precious and elegant, perfect for my style!

See you tomorrow sweet girls! 


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  1. I love the gloves...nice post I follow you if you like mine do the same...