sabato 3 dicembre 2011

Xmas look for a perfect childhood Sunday at Olympic!

Very very sorry for the late, but when I started the work as a shop assistant at Olympic my free time is just a shower and a call to my boyfriend! But I don't want to lose this blog for anything! So here the new post, hoping to empty yesterday without a post of Mind the Style! 

Just few photos about my outfit for tomorrow, a Sunday whole day with children and mums crazy for Burberry, Moncler, Fay and Sonia Riekel! In these 2 days in fact I worked for Olympic but in the children one, an incredible emotion and atmosphere! All these little and sweet shirts, hats and pants, with beautiful dresses, yes, they're going to make me think about having a child now!But it's not possibile! Just see and sell! 

So for tomorrow a complete outfit signed by Zara and Cycle, my chocolate boots, my bears earrings and the lucky charm bracelet of Mogo! I've a funny etiquette to put on my clothes with my name! Professional and glamour, as usual! What do you think?Will children appreciate my earrings? 

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