lunedì 18 giugno 2012

Insta last moments of the weekend!!!!E' già finito....

Sometimes when you feel good, moments go faster than usually. So you have to pic them as to stop the breeze of the happiness that the moment is giving to you. So thanks Instagram! Keep following us on Instagram on @mindthestyle!

My Saturday afternoon in a rock mood!  
My friends gifted me the Ops object bracelet, darling all of them! 

Martini Royale with Martini Gold and Bollinger Champagne, that's life!

Jeans skirt t shirt, with a fashion magazine: that's the relax I want everyday! 

After my sunbathing! 

 My father is an artist!

Little me!!!!!!

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  1. Ottimo week-end: adesso ti auguro un buon inizio di settimana ;)))